Rex Management

The Management team is responsible for the Group’s corporate strategy, business management and day-to-day operations. The team has an appropriate mix of qualifications, core competencies and diversity of experience to effectively execute their respective roles.

Måns Lidgren
Chief Executive Officer
Svein Kjellesvik
Chief Operating Officer
Per Lind
Chief Financial Officer
Lina Berntsen
Chief Technology Officer
Kristofer Skantze
Chief Commercial Officer
Lai Siong Mok
Chief Communications Officer
Måns Lidgren, Chief Executive Officer

Mr Måns Lidgren is the Chief Executive Officer and is responsible for overseeing the strategic positioning and business expansion of the Group.

Prior to joining the Company in January 2013, Mr Lidgren was interim chief executive officer and director of Lime Petroleum Plc from August 2011 to December 2012 and chief financial officer of his family’s business from August 2009 to August 2011. He has seven years of experience in financial structuring, mergers & acquisitions, investments and business development. From January 2008 to August 2009, Mr Lidgren was vice president of business development under the private banking division of Credit Suisse, where he managed his own client portfolio, and acted as a broker for sourcing of new business and pre-screened business proposals. From 2002 to 2007, he was with his family business in private investments first as a business analyst then as a merger & acquisitions manager and subsequently as senior investment manager responsible for portfolio management, liaison with partner banks and private equity transactions. Upon his graduation, Mr Lidgren also provided consultancy services to Global Responsibility, an organisation that seeks to promote responsible citizenship worldwide, where he helped companies communicate their efforts in environmental, health and safety issues.

Mr Lidgren holds a Master of Science and a Bachelor of Science, both in Business Administration and Economics from Lund University of Sweden.

Svein Kjellesvik, Chief Operating Officer

Mr Svein Kjellesvik is the Chief Operating Officer and Executive Chairman of the Group’s 90 per cent subsidiary, Lime Petroleum AS. He is responsible for the Group's overall operations, including the integration of new business development plans into the Group's operations.

Prior to joining the Company, Mr Kjellesvik has been an independent entrepreneur and he has been involved in the start-up of Rex Middle East Ltd (formerly known as Rex Oil & Gas Ltd) and Lime Petroleum Plc. Before retiring from Schlumberger in 2002, Mr Kjellesvik held leading positions in Schlumberger's seismic division and corporate headquarters. He has also been the President of their Global Marine Seismic Division. Mr Kjellesvik has played leading roles in key innovations in the seismic industry which includes multi-cable 3D seismic, 4 component seismic, and seismic 4D.

Mr Kjellesvik holds a Master degree in Applied Geophysics from the Norwegian Institute of Technology (NTH) in Trondheim and is a member of the Society of Exploration Geophysicists, the European Association of Petroleum Geoscientists and the American Association of Petroleum Geoscientists.

Per Lind, Chief Financial Officer

Mr Per Lind is the Chief Financial Officer overseeing the Group's finance, legal, administration and group structural matters. He also works with the CEO in business development. He is also a board member of Masirah Oil Ltd and of Rex Technology Investments Pte. Ltd, subsidiaries of the Group, and a member of the Joint Management Committee of Block 50 Oman.

Prior to joining the Company, from 2009 to 2013, he was Vice President, Investments at Tangerine Time, a Singapore-based investment company investing in real estate and financial services in Singapore, India and the UK. Mr Lind was an active group management member and Director of Investments at Raffles Residency. Before being Senior Vice President of Finance in AEP Investment Management, a Singapore-based investment management company in 2008, Mr Lind spent five years as Director of Finance & Corporate Development with 1st Software Corporation Ltd, a software company listed on the mainboard of the Singapore Exchange from 2003 to 2008. He has also worked for six years in the London and Singapore offices of Merchant Venture Investments, an international federation of private equity investors.

Mr Lind holds a Master of Science in Business and Economics from the School of Economics and Commercial Law at the Gothenburg University in Sweden.

Lina Berntsen, Chief Technology Officer

Mrs Lina Berntsen is the Chief Technology Officer and co-ordinates the use of Rex Technologies for the Group. Mrs Berntsen re-joined the Group in 2012 as the Rex Virtual Drilling Specialist to Lime Petroleum Norway AS (now known as Lime Petroleum AS). Prior to this from 2011 to 2012, she provided consultancy services to the Group as a Technology Specialist at Equus Consulting AB, a business providing advanced mathematical analysis. From 2010 to 2011, Mrs Berntsen was the Rex Virtual Drilling Specialist for Rex Oil & Gas Ltd. and oversaw the operations and coordinated analyses in relation to the use of Rex Virtual Drilling.

Prior to this, Mrs Berntsen was Development Engineer in Gambro Lundia AB, a global medical technology company, where she was responsible for product development and design control relating to dialysis technology. She was previously the Marketing Coordinator in biotechnology company Chemel AB, where she also worked on product development.

Mrs Berntsen holds a Master of Science in Chemical Engineering from the University of Lund, Sweden.

Kristofer Skantze, Chief Commercial Officer

Mr Kristofer Skantze is the Chief Commercial Officer and manages business development for the Group, including for Rex Technology Management Ltd.

Prior to joining the Company, he was the Head of Sales and Marketing at textile chemical company HeiQ Materials AG from 2007 to 2012, where he forged partner alliances with well-known textile brands. From 2000 to 2007, Mr Skantze worked for Anoto Group AB, a Swedish high-tech company. He held various positions within the company's headquarters in Lund, Sweden from 2000 to 2005, and was Business Development Manager of Anoto Inc. in Boston from 2005 to August 2007, where he managed the partner network and was responsible for all new North American customers. During his stint in Anoto Group AB in Sweden, Mr Skantze also invented and filed for several patents, of which at least nine were granted.

Mr Skantze holds a Master’s degree in Engineering Physics from the Faculty of Engineering of University of Lund in Sweden.

Lai Siong Mok, Chief Communications Officer

Ms Mok Lai Siong is the Chief Communications Officer and is responsible for the Group’s strategic communications with stakeholders, potential investors, analysts and the media, as well as for branding and marketing.

Ms Mok has over 25 years of experience in communications and investor relations in multinational listed firms. Prior to joining the Company, she was Group General Manager, Corporate Communications & Investor Relations for Singapore-listed conglomerate WBL Corporation from 2010 to 2013. From 2007 to 2010, Ms Mok worked in YTL Starhill REIT Management, the manager of Starhill Global REIT, where her last held position was Senior Vice President, Investor Relations & Corporate Communications. She has also held positions in CapitaLand, Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation, Overseas Union Bank, Pidemco Land and the National University of Singapore.

Ms Mok holds a Master in Business (International Marketing) from the Curtin University of Technology, Australia, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Philosophy from the National University of Singapore.