A useful de-risking tool

Rex Virtual Drilling ("RVD") is a proprietary technology based on a set of computer algorithms for seismic data analysis to identify the presence of liquid hydrocarbons. RVD is a very useful de-risking tool for oil exploration companies.

Innovation oil exploration technology

RVD works most effectively with high quality, 3D seismic data on offshore oil prospects. No other methods of seismic data collection nor costly machinery and technical equipment are required. The RVD results are integrated into the conventional prospect de-risking process.

Increasing use of direct hydrocarbon indicators

The use of direct hydrocarbon indicators during oil exploration campaigns is becoming more commonplace. With the direct hydrocarbon indicator RVD, the oil exploration success rate can be significantly increased from the global average of 10-15%. With RVD, oil exploration companies can better identify and focus on drilling for larger liquid hydrocarbon reservoirs.

Seismic data analysis

RVD is different from other direct hydrocarbon indicators in the market. This innovative oil exploration technology bases its functionality on the observation of resonance attributes in the seismic datasets, rather than reflection seismic analysis. The efficacy of RVD has been tried and tested many times in various geographies around the world through blind tests, live tests and actual drilling campaigns.

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